Starlight Custom Cakes

Bakeries in Maine Flavors/Pricing

Flavors and Fillings

Custom wedding cake.
Cake Flavor Choices:
Dark Deep Chocolate
French Vanilla
Carrot Cake
Chocolate Marble Cake
Chocolate Orange Marble Cake
Almond Cake
Spice Cake

Cake Filling Choices:
Vanilla Butter cream
Chocolate Butter cream
Almond Butter cream
Lemon Butter cream
Orange buttercream
Chocolate ganache
Cookies and cream buttercream
Mocha buttercream

Please note that a variety of fruit fillings can be used if you desire.


Wedding Cakes - Unlike a standard bakery, our wedding cake servings are much larger so that each of your guests gets to enjoy a beautiful three layer, six inch tall serving instead of just a small tasting. Our cakes are also made fresh just prior to the event as opposed to being stored in a freezer, often months in advance. All of our wedding cakes are priced between five and seven dollars per slice, depending on the specifics of the cake. Each cake is presented on a finished base to match the cake design.

Sculpted Cakes - Due to the unique nature of these cakes, each one is priced on an individual basis.

Deliveries - All deliveries and setup within a ten mile radius are free of charge. All other deliveries are charged $30.00 per hour.